About Us

Danny Swanson, BreathMeeting founder, has been in IT since 1997, and the health and wellness field since 2017.
He has watched as colleagues and friends have allowed the strain of modern technology to take over our lives and our physical bodies. 

Mission Statement: BreathMeeting was founded to reverse the negative effects technology has on the human body.

The month after graduating yoga school in 2017, Danny herniated 2 discs in his low back – he, like a lot of people, was doing the yoga all wrong. He has spent the years since then studying pain, breathing and the nervous system, yoga for trauma. 

Breathwork has helped him with anxiety, back pain, allergies and snoring, procrastination, recovering blocked-out memories, and weight maintenance.

Certified Breathwork Facilitator, Our Breath Collective, Encinitas, CA 2022
RYT-200, Riffs Yoga Studios, San Diego, CA 2016
Oxygen Advantage, Dublin, Ireland (in progress) 2024
Trauma Certified Yoga, Retreat to Spirit, Baltimore, MD 2022