A space to pause, breathe, and reset for a more productive day. 

Why BreathMeeting?

BreathMeeting was founded to reverse the negative effects technology has on the human body.

Technology is often amazing. It’s also burning us out. 

You have control of your physical body, and your physical body has control over you. But you don’t have control of you, it’s a two-step process with your physical needs and nervous system in the middle. Learning some control over that process has incredible benefits for every piece of your life. What’s in the middle now? Coffee? Pharmaceuticals? Pain? Stress? Another person? 

With Breathwork, you and your employees teach yourself to use your highest voice, allowing you to “run yourself” with more control, stay away from doctors, addictions, losing streaks, whatever your battles are. 

Humans invented doctors. The body invented the breath. 

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